Analysis of the effectiveness of web resources and advertising campaigns to improve them
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Any online resource and any advertising campaign require control over the processes. You need to know if the measures you are taking are working, what elements of the site are ineffective and how you can increase the conversion.

This is what analytics is for. Web analytics allows you to solve many problems of building an advertising strategy, optimizing a website and ultimately increasing the number of customers and sales.

Performance analysis
Opportunity to evaluate how measures work to promote the site and advertising campaigns
With the help of analytics, you can identify gaps in the marketing strategy and errors in the work of the site & quickly correct them.
Recommendations for the future
Analytics allows you to understand which solutions will lead to greater conversion and which changes will help to achieve a better result.
Услуги по аналитике
Google Analytics set up
Set up the most popular web analytics services that provide complete information about site visitors, their behavior, traffic sources, online store orders and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Analysis of performance of marketing campaigns
Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, return on investment, recommendations for improving and correcting shortcomings.
KPI prognosis
Based on business analysis, we calculate key performance indicators that will help manage the campaign more flexible and plan.
Development and implementation of OLAP-cubes *
A way to build databases aimed at processing data in the most efficient way.

* OLAP-cube (On-Line Analytical Processing) is a multidimensional data array, usually sparse and long-term stored. It can be implemented on the basis of universal relational DBMS or specialized software.
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