Contextual advertising
Context ads are read by:
millions of Yandex users
millions of Google users
it's profitable

Contextual advertising is the most popular tool to attract the target audience on the Internet.
Your ad will be shown only to the audience who are interested in the services of your company.
As a result, an increase in conversion by several times, the influx of new calls and orders.

Target Impressions
Only users who are already looking for your product or service will see the ad.
Pay per click
You pay only for those users who visited your website
Quick payback
You can get the first customers immediately after the launch of the campaign
Contextual advertising services
Contextual ads on Google Adwords & Facebook
Placing ads in major search engines Facebook and Google. The ad will be shown only to those who are looking for products and services offered by your company on the Internet.
Instagram Store and Google MerchantCenter
The largest systems with information about products and online stores. Your ad will be shown only to those users who are already looking for this product and are ready to purchase it through the Internet.
Retargeting & remarketing
Facebook / Google tools that allow you to return to your site customers who have previously visited your resource, but have not made an order.
Google Display Network
The Google Display Network brings together thousands proven sites on which you can place your ads. The ad will appear on sites that are close in subject to the services of your company, that is, only your target audience will see it.
Gmail Sponsored Promotions
Placing ads in the mailboxes of Gmail users on the "Promotions" tab. Based on the analysis of the subject of user letters, those who may be interested in the services of your company are selected.
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