Conversion optimization

Increasing the number of leads through effective analytics and testing
per cent of websites have conversion rate of 5-5,5%
200 - 300
of conversions per month are lost by companies who do not work on conversion increase
it's profitable

The ultimate goal of attracting users to any resource is to turn them into customers and get profit from them. If they leave the site without performing targeted actions, you lose money spent on traffic.

We identify the causes of low conversion, offer several solutions, use the tests to choose the best option and implement it. As a result, you get an increase in conversion, an increase in the number of leads and a decrease in their cost.

Web analytics systems provide an accurate picture of the behavior of site visitors, traffic and targeted actions in order to understand which elements can be improved.
With the help of tests, you can identify the most effective method of increasing conversion and sweep aside idle methods.
Optimization of texts, design and usability of the site increases the likelihood that the user will perform the target action.
Conversion increase services
End-to-end Analytics
End-to-end analytics allow you to analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign based on sales data. We will set up the tools with which you will receive detailed information on the client's interaction with your website and follow the full path of making a purchase to see what weaknesses there are and what needs to be changed to improve the result.
Multifactorial A / B Testing
One of the most popular and effective ways to increase conversion. A / B testing allows you to compare different versions of a page, letter, banner, or other advertising material and see which one best encourages users to take targeted actions.
Usability optimization
It depends on how easy it is to use your site, whether the user will remain on it to complete the order, or go to look for a more convenient resource. Therefore, usability optimization is an important step in increasing conversions.
Development and testing of lead magnets
Lead magnet - free bonuses for the client, which he receives in exchange for the target action: for example, a discount on the first purchase in exchange for contact information. As a result, you get a conversion boost, an interested buyer and a new subscriber.
for conversion optimization