Increase audience loyalty and sales generation
91 %
of users check their mailbox not less than once a day
$ 44
is generated by each $1 invested in email-marketing
it's profitable

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers, inform them about new promotions and earnings, and increase their interest in your services.

Expanding the subscriber base, addressing them personally and regularly sending them bright, useful and interesting content, you have at your disposal a whole community of loyal customers who will become your regular customers and will recommend you to their friends and family.

In your newsletters you can personally refer to recipients: letters with the name of the person open 22% more often
Adjust the newsletter to certain groups of subscribers, depending on their preferences, to be sure that your offer will interest them.
Getting targeted actions
Strong CTA at the end of the letter is a great way to make recipients commit a target action.
Email marketing services
Email marketing audit
Comprehensive analysis of email marketing campaigns (goals, content, layout, distribution settings, segmentation, etc.) and a complete pool of recommendations for its improvement.
Email strategy development
Ready-made email marketing strategy: setting goals and objectives for email distribution, analyzing the target audience, developing a concept and creating a distribution plan, targeting.
Content creation: text, design and layout
An intriguing headline, attractive design and interesting content - a guarantee that your letters will be read, and the purpose of the mailing will be achieved.
Subscriber database processing
Analysis of the existing database, segmentation, expansion of the list of contacts, removal of non-existent addresses is crucial to keep your domain out of spam lists.
Mailings submission
Bulk emails sent to the entire database of subscribers at the appointed time.
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